About Us

Hatgrup has been serving the industry since 1980. We have become a company that offers products that will increase the production quality of the customers, facilitate their work and enable them to benefit from high technology by offering them the products that customers need in a short time and with high quality service. 

In this process, we prioritized providing products and services to our customers in specific areas, specializing in those areas, working with suppliers whose quality is known and one of the leaders of their field, we have taken care not to leave our customers unsolvable and constantly renew ourselves.
With our MRI service, special gases and on-site gas production facilities, we have been expanding our activities mainly in the gas sector by becoming specialized in central lubrication systems, automation systems, cryogenic systems and gas equipment. At present, we are able to meet all of our customers' needs in relation to gases, cryogenic and gas equipment and many other high technology needs.
In 2008, our Specialty Gases Laboratory has been established and we have already started to produce with the registered trademark HATGAZ